Born in France but now living between the US and some other places around the globe , I once was a Chef , Photographer and International Real Estate Specialist. I studied for years NLP, Hypnosis, Louise Hay and other spiritual ways of being. My practice as a therapist gave me the opportunity to help many others and see changes in them and myself that some will call miracle .
Life is a gift so don’t carry your problems for the rest of it. You need to enjoy it to the fullest, there are no reasons for you to live unhappy, stressed or afraid of anything. We all have the same power and potential of healing ourselves. I have been searching all my life for how I could contribute to helping people around me and I intend to share with you the results of what is for me a way of living. As this website means to be a place of exchange, I am also expecting a lot from your contributions.

Hendi Kaf

12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hendi,
    Very nice site, great pictures put more photos go crazy with it people love photos and show more photos of yourself doing things that’s great that bike looks awesome. Great Travels! Live Stong!

  2. If anybody should have a site like this,it is you Hendi. You bring a lot with you, on every aspect.Looking forward to the exhange,well done.

  3. Hi Hendi,
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog and also for the like. You have a great blog. I will visit your blog often for sure, and in order not to miss anything, I follow yours 🙂

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