Forgive not Forget

We learn with experiences, either ours or the ones we were given as examples, for a long time I thought that Forget and Forgive were pretty close if not similar, wrong I was about those two. Forgetting, or at least claiming we do, is just an illusion that we created to avoid a painful subject […]

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Don’t Live with Depression

It seems like more and more people are accepting to live with depression as a habit. It is crucial to remember that we are born and modeled to be happy by nature, unhappiness should be unacceptable, at least for a long state of mind. Working with many different type of ┬átherapy for my clients, I […]

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Why NLP ?

I came to NLP during my study in psychology , I was looking for more effective techniques that the basic talking therapy . The primary use of NLP is based on an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created in the 1970s. The title refers to a stated connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), […]

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