A Short list of Ideas

From time to time I have people around me telling me that they have no idea of what to do or supposedly they have no time to help others. So to start a thread I will give you some idea what to do and hope that you will give some of your ideas. Check out […]

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Giving the Selfish Way

Contrary to the idea that you have to be selfless to give, I believe that in fact we receive more when we help or give that when we are given to. The good news about it is that the more you do it the more you will get . OK so lets be clear, we […]

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Miami is alive and well

The current situation in the best part of Miami is back to what it was just before 2005 , the buildings are growing everywhere and a nouveau look for Brickell is already making a lot of noise in the SE Florida scene . In this article I will only talk about the renewed life given […]

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New Year Resolution

With the New Year comes a tradition of choosing and, for the more courageous one, disclosing some of the personal resolutions that we picked for the coming year. You may have said to yourself “this is it, this is going to be different this time I will…”, in reality you may just have added stress […]

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Las Olas

You can ask anyone in Fort Lauderdale where is the best street to shop, dine and mingle and they will almost instantly point you in direction of Las Olas. Extending its reach from the Ocean to deep inside the city this worldwide famous street is the heart of the town, harboring more luxury homes, incredible […]

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Lauderdale by the Sea

This charming little city with its 1.5 square miles in area is strategically nested between the Intercoastal and the ocean, with a nice mix of smaller beach cottages, large upscale waterfront homes and boutique condominium. The beauty of this town come from the feeling like you are still in vacation, everything is just minutes away from where […]

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