Careless Investors

Last minute deal or unique opportunities are the root of modern private investor’s failures, in a time of too much information many will fail into the trap of supposed knowledge. Most of us think by informing ourselves first we can make decision on what to buy, sell or trade, in some case it will work […]

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Take Advantage of the New Market

In the past year and for 2013 the Real Estate market has given to consumers the best buying opportunities for a new construction home in a decade. Builders have been slow to recover the Real Estate crisis and their rate of building was in decline until last year, this decreasing supply will eventually cause prices […]

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Buying or not Buying

I have been asked recently by few of my clients if now is the right time to buy or if they should wait and maybe rent for a little while until better days. The question is an easy one to answer and my point of view is pretty simple. The Real Estate market crash has […]

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