Overcoming the Fears

In the past few years we all have seen an increase in terror and worries in our daily lives. The Medias are showing to us images difficult to forget or even comprehend, you can say that you are not affected by such flow of negative “news”, but you are no matter what you and your […]

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There is no Failure

Failure to achieve should be seen as try out period. Our goals and directions are guided by our feeling so let‘s see how you can get there safe and happy. Failures exist only if you think about it as a final result. When going somewhere you may get lost and chose another road or maybe […]

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Going to Therapy for FUN

Yes it is possible and it happens or should happen more often. You may have been thinking that only “crazy” people choose to go seek the help of professionals, actually if you were really crazy you will not even think about it, same goes for many others (depressed person don’t always realized that help is […]

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