A Short list of Ideas

From time to time I have people around me telling me that they have no idea of what to do or supposedly they have no time to help others. So to start a thread I will give you some idea what to do and hope that you will give some of your ideas. Check out […]

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Overcoming the Fears

In the past few years we all have seen an increase in terror and worries in our daily lives. The Medias are showing to us images difficult to forget or even comprehend, you can say that you are not affected by such flow of negative “news”, but you are no matter what you and your […]

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New Year Resolution

With the New Year comes a tradition of choosing and, for the more courageous one, disclosing some of the personal resolutions that we picked for the coming year. You may have said to yourself “this is it, this is going to be different this time I will…”, in reality you may just have added stress […]

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Christmas blues

Christmas is right at the corner and even if it looks like a great time for most, it is a tough time for many. Being a family time, we have to take some time to look around for the less fortunate that have no one to share the date with, a simple gesture of friendship […]

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