Boca Raton

Located just 40 miles North of Miami this city is well known to residents of South Florida and all around the world. A large number of New Yorkers and Europeans picked this upscale city for second home. From its pristine beach to some incredible golf courses the town spread its charm and luxury for miles. […]

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Take Advantage of the New Market

In the past year and for 2013 the Real Estate market has given to consumers the best buying opportunities for a new construction home in a decade. Builders have been slow to recover the Real Estate crisis and their rate of building was in decline until last year, this decreasing supply will eventually cause prices […]

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Concrete Shell VS Designer unit

Buyers in the market for a luxury high rise are confronted with two choices which seem very easy but in reality are very complex to compare and analyze. One is the so called “Decorator ready” nice term for a concrete shell with nothing else than bare cement. At this stage you should know the difficulty […]

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