Maslenitsa : Bye Bye Winter !

To us the winter was still very present this February while we were eating our bliny (a Russian pancake, quite close to a french crepe) at an outside stand near the Red place, the very night we arrived at Moscow. When asking a child and her mother enjoying their blinis next to us the meaning of […]

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Argentina on the Wild Side

If you ever been Argentina you most likely went to Buenos Aires, its Capital. A superb city with a Parisian flair, a taste for great food and classic tango. What this beautiful country have to offer is a very special experience across its land, from the wine hills of Mendoza or perhaps the Swiss look-a-like […]

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Adventure in Cambodia

If you are up to a challenge, your next adventure maybe waiting for you in Cambodia. The company  is one of the best address you can find  if you are looking for a real discovery of this incredible country, the cost is minimal and the Australian owner and his team (including mechanic and meds) […]

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Into the Amazon

In the Amazon, the water is the principal way of transportation and therefore exchange, if you are in Brazil an interesting experience is to take one the boats that rally the city of Belem, on the mouth of the river and Manaus, already deep inside the forest. Although the biggest boats have few cabins, the […]

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Peru, Country of Mystic

The history of Peru is full of mysteries, from their ancient civilizations to the most recent indian tribes, encounters with the weight of secret life are everywhere you care watching. The country is easy to travel by car, bus or for me as usual on my motorcycle. The population is welcoming but not overly interested […]

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This small and welcoming country has for a long time now been a favorite among travelers, with its mountains waiting for trekkers of all level, jungles for off-road adventurers, Galapagos for animal lovers and a superb country side for perpetual romantics. It is all there and within few hours of the US this should be […]

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