Careless Investors

Last minute deal or unique opportunities are the root of modern private investor’s failures, in a time of too much information many will fail into the trap of supposed knowledge. Most of us think by informing ourselves first we can make decision on what to buy, sell or trade, in some case it will work […]

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Wall Street VS Real Estate

Time is maybe up for Wall Street investors. Even if many are still dreaming of high return in short time frame, you have to realize that ultrafast electronic transactions and unsecured worldwide economy make the game very difficult for the average person and unless you are ready to take gamble with your money, the stock […]

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Medecine Man

Phillippe have been my friend for years now and it is a great pleasure to share with you this article published in Dubbo Photo New  journal, about his life and his work. You can also visit his website dedicated to his foundation to support students from poor families. In January 1980, a young Belgian doctor arrived on […]

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A Short list of Ideas

From time to time I have people around me telling me that they have no idea of what to do or supposedly they have no time to help others. So to start a thread I will give you some idea what to do and hope that you will give some of your ideas. Check out […]

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Argentina on the Wild Side

If you ever been Argentina you most likely went to Buenos Aires, its Capital. A superb city with a Parisian flair, a taste for great food and classic tango. What this beautiful country have to offer is a very special experience across its land, from the wine hills of Mendoza or perhaps the Swiss look-a-like […]

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Giving the Selfish Way

Contrary to the idea that you have to be selfless to give, I believe that in fact we receive more when we help or give that when we are given to. The good news about it is that the more you do it the more you will get . OK so lets be clear, we […]

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Digital addiction

Since the emergence of the telephone we have used this incredible invention to reach each other anywhere in the world , but the situation has change and with over 8 trillion of text a year a new line of conduct came to place . In the past the normal way of communication over the phone […]

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Miami is alive and well

The current situation in the best part of Miami is back to what it was just before 2005 , the buildings are growing everywhere and a nouveau look for Brickell is already making a lot of noise in the SE Florida scene . In this article I will only talk about the renewed life given […]

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