Wall Street VS Real Estate

Time is maybe up for Wall Street investors. Even if many are still dreaming of high return in short time frame, you have to realize that ultrafast electronic transactions and unsecured worldwide economy make the game very difficult for the average person and unless you are ready to take gamble with your money, the stock is not for you. The recent stock crash gave a wake-up call to millions of investors, the forex did the same with roller coaster returns and low evaluation in the past year and I will not mention the price of the petrol again or the mediocre return of your saving account.

If the Real Estate market seems high in price, it is still seen as a safe investment by the richest people in the world. I found that no matter if home prices drop, you will only loose if you decide to sale at this time and if you are patient enough, prices will go up again. When the economy goes down, rental prices go up immediately so unlike your other portfolio you are still making money in a bad market.  Equity line are also a great source of cheap cash in time of need and you do not have to sale your property to get the benefit of it. The Dollar is still a strong currency so having incomes or Real Estate in the US is still viewed as a safe way to shelter funds for us citizens or foreigners. Banks are still lending money for an incredibly low rate and I also work with private individuals ready to facilitate loans for outside of country buyers or difficultly qualified American.

Now the question is where and what to buy, from a house or a condo to a commercial building or even a business. The inventory is getting low but good deals are here still to grab, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are shining example of multicultural city with a rich future for years to come.

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