Giving the Selfish Way


Contrary to the idea that you have to be selfless to give, I believe that in fact we receive more when we help or give that when we are given to. The good news about it is that the more you do it the more you will get . OK so lets be clear, we all want to feel happiness and love and now you know how to get it and as much as you want to. I can already hear from some that we should be helping each others and caring for the world without expecting anything else in exchange and they are right but, the true of the matter is that when you act to better someone else life you will feel more complete, more connected to life and loved. One other bi-product of your action will be an increase in self confidence, respect to one self and you will set an example to others.There are no too little or too big actions, do not jump into a path and try to change the world, at the opposite look at what can be done today and how each and everything that you do will make someone life more comfortable. When I first started to do volunteer work, I was enthusiastic and almost embarrassed, I was feeling like I had so much and they had nothing and I should have given it all to the needy (volunteer at the time with the homeless shelter in my city), but no matter how much you give, you cannot help everyone everywhere. What you need to do is focus on one action at the time and then you may see the snowball effect that was started. Pity is normal feeling but doesn’t change anything, actions do. Where do you want to start now ? A very large number of organizations are available everywhere so pick one that you connect emotionally with then volunteer for a day or just few hours, bring some friends or your family and make it a great day for you . If this is too much to start for you, you can always be simply kind to people around you and acknowledge them with a hello and a how are you. Remember that whatever you do is changing the world of the person you are helping, often we neglect the value of little actions but for the ones in need everything count.

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