Argentina on the Wild Side

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If you ever been Argentina you most likely went to Buenos Aires, its Capital. A superb city with a Parisian flair, a taste for great food and classic tango. What this beautiful country have to offer is a very special experience across its land, from the wine hills of Mendoza or perhaps the Swiss look-a-like of Bariloche to deserted Pampa and its high winds and finally to the end of the continent Ushuaia.DSCN4435 For the adventurous one, the back road will be a delight of discovery, taking you to little towns where nothing has changed for many years and letting you the time to discover a very friendly population still in touch with their traditions. This less traveled road is a long one, mostly gravel and dirt from Mendoza to Tierra Del Fuego (Ushuaia), very little population along its side but incredible scenery at every corner. The immensity of the vast plain of the Pampa and its sky sometime so low that you can almost touch it can be your companion for this 3000 miles trip (one way), a four wheel drive will make it easy for you but I did cross many crazy people doing it by bicycle.DSCN4943 No matter what will be the choice of vehicle for you the adventure is waiting and the reward is well worth it. A stop not to miss if you are in season is Puerto Madryn, a small town along the cost where you can see thousand of Wales coming with their new born, small boat can take you close to them or a simple walk along the wild beaches can let you witness their dance along the coast. Even so Ushuaia is your destination, the journey will be your adventure. Many excursions are organized to see icebergs and natural reserves, fishing is great and the nature trek are some of my favorite. Years back I did travel from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Terra Del Fuego, Ushuaia, Argentina, and embarked myself in a travel between culture and self discovery. It took me month to drive those 20000 miles but if you want to experience something similar, the feeling of a real Adventure in a shorter time, Argentina is the right place to start.

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