Foreign Investors from Asia are now replacing European and South American Buyers

Since the last Real Estate crisis of 2008 the Canadian and South American were the prime investors in the US, especially in Florida. Even so their money was not always valued at the equivalent of the dollar, the attraction of a devaluated Real Estate market has proven to be a very appealing and fruitful investment. The first line of properties were the single families home and condominiums, with an inventory of tens of thousands of empty units ready to be acquired, the foreign buyer has been a saver. After working with many of those “out of state “purchasers one thing was clear, they were not all interested in a quick return on their property but more in a long term holding and possible money sheltering in a country where recovery will come fast enough. A main advantage was the government giving owners a total and legal right of ownership with its protection aspect. Fast forward to now, European are fighting to keep their economy stable, Canadian are still coming to buy secondary/retirement homes, South American are now looking at investment in their local economy (Brazil/Argentina). But already a new wave is coming from Asia. With a green card option if $500,000 are invested in specific commercial property (EB-5 Immigrant Investor), business men are now taking the opportunity to expand their territory to the US. China and India are ahead but many countries are following closely with great interest. A client of mine told me that for him investing here was like the Forex market; you could look at immediate return or just shelter your interest into a new system with limited risk factor.


In a World where the economy is not a local affaire anymore, the part taken by individuals or companies coming to your market and investing in Real Estate can be a strong factor in development or recovery. On the other hand the fact that they come with cash and do not always know the market can drive the price too high for the local population (in some state more than 40 % of the homes sale was done in cash). Being aware of the Geo Political situation can help avoid costly mistakes, we often get calls from owners not knowing how to price their properties and asking my company to represent them in the sale and marketing of their estate or portfolio. In this volatile but profitable situation, the Forex has becoming a compass in choosing who could be your best investor…

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