Back to School


This coming week is marking the departure for another year of school. Have you ever took the time to think about what education really means and how much it will affect your loved ones for the rest of their life. We throw kids into a system without realizing the psychological impact this will have on them, only relying on the good reputation or classification of the establishment responsible to instruct our children. This seems a bit extreme at first but soon enough they will be plunged into a competitive and sometime very depressing world. Coming from a house of love and care, they will be judge by their results on test, their appearance and will have to find a place in a new and often hostile environment. Look at how you feel when you are facing a new challenge or when some authority, in front of everyone, is telling you that your performance is not good enough, what about how uncomfortable you could feel about your social status and physical attributes? Should a child feel any differently, should he or she be stronger than many adults, you are the judge of that.

I highly recommend parents to put their little ones in situation where they will be with their pairs in a setting similar to a school such as learning centers but without the pressure of long hours day after day. Just few hours a week can help the kids to understand how this system work and with the help of a mother and father they can cope with it, understand and appreciate what will be their job for the next 10 years or more. Home schooling is another choice and if done properly have very good advantages but sometime the lack of contact with other children can be difficult for the development of social skills and loneliness is not an easy feeling either. Another very important factor is how to distinguish the parents from the teachers’ relationship, this too can be very difficult for both parties and could bring a lot of resentment. We all had favorite teachers but we had more that we didn’t like at all, now imagine coming home and seeing them at your table.

I hope that you now have a different view of how important is next week, don’t be too hard on your kids and if they fail some of your expectations remember that no one like to disappoint others and themselves, help them , understand them and most importantly love them for who they are not for any other reason .

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