Boca Raton

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Located just 40 miles North of Miami this city is well known to residents of South Florida and all around the world. A large number of New Yorkers and Europeans picked this upscale city for second home.

From its pristine beach to some incredible golf courses the town spread its charm and luxury for miles. The well developed landscaping make the streets charming and the neighborhoods welcoming . Elegant restaurants come to life at night while during the day shopping in upscale malls for the latest fashion may be more to your liking.

The properties are in general newer and often built in gated communities. While living on a golf course may please you, you should be careful before buying as some of those golf communities ask for a membership and the cost can run up to  $50000 or more in some cases. The beach properties are a prime but not as famous as in Fort Lauderdale. The canal is boosting pretentious Estate from which your yatch can reach the ocean in only few minutes due to a close by inlet . In general Real Estate in Boca is more expensive than in Broward county but the quality of the public school and town amenities are really worth the difference .

If you are looking for a winter nest or perhaps an investment this should be one of your stop and could worth your time during your next visit in Florida.

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