Adventure in Cambodia

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IMG_0396If you are up to a challenge, your next adventure maybe waiting for you in Cambodia. The company  is one of the best address you can find  if you are looking for a real discovery of this incredible country, the cost is minimal and the Australian owner and his team (including mechanic and meds) will guide you through the jungle, across rivers and everywhere there is something to discover. With this company you will see a different Cambodia, more intimate and its often forgotten wild side, you will enjoy the locals smiling at you without expecting anything in exchange, welcoming you in their villages and at their tables, the cities are safe and comfortable and for the one interested in history and culture there are plenty of incredible temples and museums to visit.

Now the questions are do you know how to ride a motorcycle ? Do you think you can handle the dust and heat ? if the answer is yes then you have to give it a try, you will thank me later and don’t forget to say hi from me to Ben the owner .

DSC_0282If you can’t ride a bike or just want a more relax way to enjoy the beauty of Cambodia, the buses are everywhere and for very little money you can even take one of the many boats that travel on the Mekong. The French call Cambodia “the country of the smiling people” and for a good reason, I have been travelling around the world for a long time and this is one of the place where I was the most welcome.

DSC_0353If you do decide to go there, make sure that you avoid the rainy season, the best time of the year to travel this part of SE Asia start is December until March. English is spoken almost everywhere and the food is excellent. From high to very low budget you can find hotel /guesthouses with very good services and accommodation, a good massage in the afternoon before dinner and if you are not tired enough some interesting night club with blasting mix of US top record mixed with Cambodian hits. Take the time to visit the smaller cities and even if I do recommend to see the superb Angkor Watt and many others tourist attractions you owe to yourself to see how the villagers still keep their tradition alive fishing and farming the same way they were doing hundred years ago.  If this is your first trip to SE Asia you couldn’t make a better decision as this destination is easy, safe and still full of adventure and mystery.

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