Overcoming the Fears


In the past few years we all have seen an increase in terror and worries in our daily lives. The Medias are showing to us images difficult to forget or even comprehend, you can say that you are not affected by such flow of negative “news”, but you are no matter what you and your family could also directly or indirectly become a sub victim of your inability to understand the tension that you carry on a daily basis. You need to start to pay attention on what you watch, read or listen. Ask yourself questions: how do listening news before I sleep make me feel, what about first thing in the morning, do I need to be connected to a source of stress all day long? I am not asking you to stop to watch TV or listen radio, I am just asking you to pay attention to how it make you feel and how this may affect your loved one, do you really want to have your family dinner while watching people crying about the loss of their homes in the last tornado or even worse local channel explaining how unsafe is your life, your city or neighborhood. Some of my clients suffered of heavy depression and often admitted to an addiction to sensational news. I remember 911 and how the TV was showing for hours in loop the shocking images of people jumping from buildings, this was to me, unbearable and will for years to come be in the mind of people around the world as sad example of what terror is. Today is a new day so start it well, pay attention about what you watch, listen and even talk about. Do not share the fear but instead smile to life and invite in you the goodness that surrounds us.

Fears are not good advisor, often disguised as information they stop us in many ways to live a happy and successful life, having concern about such or such is better than been paralyzed about something which may happen or not. Fear is not real, it’s a projection of our thoughts in a negative manner, for ex : you are not afraid of sickness itself, you are potentially afraid of what could happen if you become ill / have to stop to work / cannot pay your bill …, nothing happen to you yet and you are already suffering of this negation created in your mind. Your family and all people around you are the echo of your inner feeling, ever notice how a stressful person can communicate their stress to others. Now imagine how good it will feel when you can share some peace and positive energy with the same people , I am sure you have been in situations where you have share laugh and excitation with others without even talking , now apply that and diminish fears in your life and concentrate on what is real and good.

Illsutration by Psychopomp

2 thoughts on “Overcoming the Fears

  1. Hendi,
    What’s up, just read your post I agree I counter negative news by watching the life regenerator on youtube. It’s this guy who is into juicing and eating raw food. I started to juice and eat raw although I still eat normal as well. You are touching on somthing about consciousness. DO NOT let the media steal your conciousness that is the point. All those bad vibes they spit out everyday, what exactly our they doing? This is the question that sent me on my journey. I am proud to reclaim my conscious, what will they do when the world reclaims theirs. Beauty in masses!!!! Hope all is well my friend.
    You know they are tracking these conversations!!! LOL
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    1. Great to hear from you AJ .We are all on our way but even if sometime they look like different roads the destination is the same , as far as eating in a different manner ,I have seen people doing the raw food or the vegan and having great luck in doing it ( not always fun doing it) , for me I don’t try to change my food at this stage but I do not eat process food anyway. I listen more about what my body wants and focus on changing negative patterns which could result in unwanted choices. Good to see that you are not letting the media directing how you feel .

      Take care , one though at the time

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