There is no Failure


Failure to achieve should be seen as try out period. Our goals and directions are guided by our feeling so let‘s see how you can get there safe and happy. Failures exist only if you think about it as a final result. When going somewhere you may get lost and chose another road or maybe it’s that your desire to arrive at your destination doesn’t motivate you to do the effort required by the journey.

Think about it on the bright side, you decided to do something and changed your mind, at least there is movement and search for a better state, better feeling , just the fact that you contemplate other possibilities is a great step. We often stop by fear of failure or low self-worth, there is no failure, just changes and your actions do not make you more or less valuable, they just are your actions.

If you want to set a goal to reach, you need first to ask you this question: “Am I going toward something or away from it?”. This will dictate how you will be motivated.

For example : “I want to lose weight.”

Away from: “I don’t want to be fat”

Toward: “I want to be even healthier and look even better than I am now.”

Think about how your goal make you feel and learn about choosing with your heart and not your fears or Ego.

Easy step takes you a long way.

Chose to be happy with small goal and take out the challenges, 1 hour without smoking is great for a heavy smoker, then will come more and more, celebrate in your heart and mind the feeling of freedom from an addiction is better than the pain and anger of the personal deception to have been” weak” for being a smoker.

Do not let others set choices for you , we are all different and what work for one is not always good for you or me , the media may promote choices that are not necessary or wanted by oneself. Your feeling are the most important indicator of what is right for you, learn to listen to yourself and with some time fears and doubts will disappear leaving only clear choices and new directions. Self-help books can help but make sure to look at the ones without judgment or condemnation, avoid the road of empty motivation and chose to learn about you and your feeling .

You are here to live life to the fullest, to the Happiest.

Illustration by FlorentCourty

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