Not All Realtors are the Same

Digital Image by Sean LockeDigital Planet

As a Real Estate professional, I often meet sellers and buyers who do not know who to use or what are the main differences between agents. First look can be deceiving, most of the Realtors you may encounter will end up being the same, a better version of a car salesman mix with a pseudo best friend in the business. The idea is simple: the Realtor you choose is an extension of you and by concept should be well informed and motivated representing your interest. This is unfortunately not the case as most of them will only see you as a pay check type of relationship. The new wave of social media business is not helping, making it even worst: offering the pretext of being your friend and then get you to do business is a pretty deceiving approach.

My vision is somehow different, I like to work with the public and they most of time like me but they hire me because they do know that what they are getting is a well-educated professional with results and high drive to succeed. The honesty is based on clarity, disclosure and acceptance that you may lose a client instead of inducing in doing business by first making false promises. When I use the services of a doctor or attorney, my first question is: “Is this person able to answer my needs?”. The time of ignorance is gone thanks to the internet, buyers and sellers are now well informed of their rights, market conditions and financial terms. Experience in similar transactions is also something to look at, so if your future agent has been in business for a while he or she should have done similar sales and should most likely know the market you are in. Now let’s talk a bit about the legal aspect, you will be signing sales contracts and if you picked the wrong person to guide you during the process you may end up in a bad situation, no agent should be a substitute to an attorney reviewing your paperwork.

 The blind leading the blind, you may have read some horror stories of buyers purchasing short sale or foreclosure and let me tell you some of the stories are true, when a deal looks too good be aware and ask questions before it’s too late and you end up buying a property with too many repairs or have your money locked in escrow for month waiting for a short sale to never happens. Realtors should be use more as advisor than salesman, the transactions we do are some of the most expensive you will be doing so don’t base your choice on who sent you the best recipe or the nicest postcard, ask the hard question: “What make you think you are the best agent to represent me in the buying or selling process?”

So now that you know a little bit more, call me or send me an email to know how I can really help you.

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