New Year Resolution


With the New Year comes a tradition of choosing and, for the more courageous one, disclosing some of the personal resolutions that we picked for the coming year. You may have said to yourself “this is it, this is going to be different this time I will…”, in reality you may just have added stress and pressure to your life, and for what … you will only be judge to that. For me  this year, like many of the past ones, I choose and even have the courage to tell you all that my only resolution is to do my best to be as much happy as I can be, I will avoid to judge myself and others and will multiply positive attitudes and thoughts .

No Matter what you will do, think or decide to, you will need to be gentle with yourself and treat you like you would someone you love (strange concept but necessary to reach some inner peace), calm down the voice in your head telling that you should do this and be that, instead replace “should” by “could” giving yourself the choice and non judgmental vision of who you are or can be. When looking to loose few pounds or making more money for 2013 remember that you are in reality doing it to feel better so you may as well choose to feel better from the beginning and then pounds will go away by themselves and your life or at least the vision of what it seems to be will increase into a positive shifting, creating opportunities and changes that you were no aware yet .

Same same but different

Changing our habits for better one is easy as long as you do it voluntary, don’t let anyone tell you what is right or wrong with your lifestyle, only you can decide in which direction to go and as long as you choose to do it for the good of you, those decisions will be the right ones for you. Family, friends and even lovers cannot feel what is happening deep inside of you, their understanding is only coming from what they know and feel and even if they think that they want to help you no one can know the path for you .

Limiting the damages

In a world of information it is very easy to get addicted to news and informations of all types. The TV, radio and web are doing a very bad job in giving us a dark view of the world and when it takes time to take care of yourself please do not reflect on your life using media’s standards. Life is good most of the time and you are untitled to be happy without guilt or fear.You are loving and  lovable, choose to seek what makes you feel good and you will feel better every day and in every ways .

I wish you a great year and may each day be better than the previous one, I wish all of us love and happiness.

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