Christmas on the Beach

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If by now you know me a little, you will understand that I really enjoy Florida all year long from its long hot summer to the best winter you could have in the USA.

Christmas is right here now and the houses are loaded with lights and decorations, some will tell you that its not the same when it’s not cold for the holidays, I will just reply how much snow would you need to shovel before you realize that your family will love to visit you for some time and share sun, food and be merry on the beach.

This year I have decided to share with you some of the houses around town for you to see that traditions are alive and well even in sunny Florida .

Have a Merry Christmas.

Christmas-27 Christmas-26 Christmas-11 Christmas-25 Christmas-24 Christmas-23 Christmas-22 Christmas-21 Christmas-20 Christmas-19 Christmas-17 Christmas-18 Christmas-16 Christmas-4 Christmas-15 Christmas-13 Christmas-12 Christmas-2 Christmas-10 Christmas-9 Christmas-8 Christmas-6 Christmas-5 Christmas-3 Christmas-1 Christmas-7 Christmas-14

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