Christmas blues

Christmas is right at the corner and even if it looks like a great time for most, it is a tough time for many. Being a family time, we have to take some time to look around for the less fortunate that have no one to share the date with, a simple gesture of friendship can help a lot and bring smile to a face stock in sadness.

We all talk about sharing and helping each other but when the holidays come, our memory seems to fail us and we pass by the one in need like if they were transparent. In my neighborhood, I even saw someone putting a table outside with few toys and other object with a sign simply stating “take it if you need it or bring something to if want to”. I wished it was my idea but it does inspire me to do similar for others. I hear people saying that they want to teach their kids about empathy and many time all that I see is selfishness and race to over spend in order to show how much they love each other.

Money doesn’t buy happiness but just in case it does, let’s spend more money that we can instead of spending more time than usual being with each other. It’s all about love and yet we still try to put it in a box with a nice ribbon.

This year do something different and no matter your religion or point of view about Christmas, celebrate family, friends and all that surround you, and yes, that should include yourself .

Giving tree-1

4 thoughts on “Christmas blues

  1. Dude are you going to be my Christmas friend to cure my Christmas Blues?
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    1. We both know that there is no cure because there is no sickness, it just the perception that need to be changed. I know that you are on your way to live the life you want .

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