Going to Therapy for FUN


Yes it is possible and it happens or should happen more often. You may have been thinking that only “crazy” people choose to go seek the help of professionals, actually if you were really crazy you will not even think about it, same goes for many others (depressed person don’t always realized that help is possible). Now lets see what you normal individual people could get from all that help available to you. First things first, how do you know you feel good or that the way you feel is the way you should feel? Can you improve your mental health by releasing stress and let go of past negative feelings?  Would you like to know more about how to communicate with others and be less susceptible? …

OK I guess you now see the light in the tunnel, we all think about therapy as a way to help us in time of distress, when in reality if you knew how your mind function you will have less chance for a  “break down”. Same goes in our communication, if you knew how to let others know how you feel and what you want you will have less stress and better relationship. Now I am not telling to jump to your phone and take an appointment with a psychiatrist and then go every week until you finish to pay for his beach house, what I want you to do is to be open minded and find who could show you more about what there is behind your mind and how it works. Many NLP therapists work for large company to help them in this manner, other will prefer life coach of some sort, some of you will go for group meeting to talk about the “Course in Miracle”.

Whatever you are looking for will direct your path so please be positive in your research and don’t go on the road of the victim group repeating how terrible the world is and how mean such and such people are. Follow your bliss and become a mentor, after studying yourself using the help of others and finding how you can better your life and mental health, share it with others without being too pushy but more as a living example of how we can achieve peace of mind and be crazy happy.

Illustration from Deskstopography

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