Coral Castle, One Man’s House, Other’s Endless Mystery

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Built between 1920 and 1940, the Coral Castle was the house of  Ed Leedskalhin. Supposedly built in the honor of Ed’s ex-fiancee, the castle is at least intriguing in many ways and in some aspects a complete mystery.

Ed, a frail and sick man, built his home alone by night, at the light of a single lantern, and during the 20 years of its construction, there is not a single record of anyone seeing Ed moving or carving the several tones blocks of rocks he used… and the attempts of spying on him were numerous. Except on some of the external wall, there is no trace of chisel and despite the coral as been shaped in unnatural forms his surface seem brut. Another strange fact: Ed is said to have lived in a creepy bedroom miserably furnished which offer a shocking contrast with the rest of the castle and his bird bath and star and moon shaped fountains, heart shaped table, amazingly comfortable coral rocking chairs… hard to believe it is the same man who occupied this bedroom and the rest of the castle.

If visiting south Florida, you should go to the castle and discover by yourself all of the other wonders Ed created such as the pressure panel (didn’t exist at the time), the sun dial unique in his principle, the telescope or the 9 tones entrance door that you can open with a single finger and many more.

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