Peru, Country of Mystic

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The history of Peru is full of mysteries, from their ancient civilizations to the most recent indian tribes, encounters with the weight of secret life are everywhere you care watching. The country is easy to travel by car, bus or for me as usual on my motorcycle. The population is welcoming but not overly interested by the tourist and even if you can find superb hotels and really great restaurants, this is not why you want to come and visit Peru.

As soon as you enter by land or air, the altitude signal you that you will reach here some of highest pick in South America. The climate can be warm but often a nice breeze or a cool wind will be chilling the air. The road condition improved a lot since few years, a 4X4 is not necessary anymore unless you are up for some jungle exploration across the mountain or maybe for some fun in the desert boarding the coast.

All type of scenery can be found here, a charming old town with paved stones, a high pass with endless horizons, a deep forest with promises of pure wilderness or more surprising a desert reminding me more like a piece of the Djebel or Sahara. Lima the Capital is good for few days but its noise and lack of interest should not keep long for going for some exploration in the country side.

The Machu Picchu is a great classic visit if you are a descent walker (you can now take a hotel just across the Machu entrance, stay there 2 days at least and visit the other less crowded site sitting just next to it, arrive as early as you can in the morning, it will be packed after 12:00). Puno and the lake Titi Caca are also well worth few days of travel and discovery, the Indians floating villages are still welcoming you to come and stay overnight if you dare to. From there drive down to Arequipa and rest in the old colonial downtown shopping, enjoying good food for all and even some type of nightlife for the more relentless.

North of Lima you can try, if you love to off road, the road call Canyon Del Pato, a full day of surprises and challenges for you I can guaranty it (4X4 or Dual Sport Bike only). Huaraz is also a place to put on your list if you are a demanding climber and white water amateur. Follow the coast and Chiclayo and Chimbote will surprise you with temples more ancient one form another and natural parks to please any ages and interests.

Interested? Did you pick a date already?

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