Las Olas

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You can ask anyone in Fort Lauderdale where is the best street to shop, dine and mingle and they will almost instantly point you in direction of Las Olas. Extending its reach from the Ocean to deep inside the city this worldwide famous street is the heart of the town, harboring more luxury homes, incredible yachts and upscale stores than any other streets in the city, this is the place to be if you like the buzz of the rich and famous or just the feel of a city life.

Along the main area, you will find semi private streets with waterfront Estates or luxury Town Houses. A water taxi will take you along the river to your favorite restaurant or if you are avid of history it will stop at the Stranahan house for a private tour of one of the oldest property in town.

At night the Street illuminate for a more festive look , music from the bar and restaurant welcome you to be their guest for a French elegant dinner or a more simple but delicious burger. Walk around and sample an ice cream cone, an espresso or a good cigar while people looking. If you are lucky you may arrive one of the many weekend during which the road is blocked and art shows and music festivals are for you to enjoy.

So many tourists became resident only after a visit, embracing a city lifestyle with class and still a relax beach atmosphere .

Maybe it’s your time?

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