Quitting your limitations

 Our failure can be seen as a practice run toward a success or a needed experience in some cases. It does seems that one will think that its necessary first to fail or experience defeat to then succeed. Those pattern were given to us from well thinking parents, family or teacher. We are trained at an early age to analyze actions and reactions with a sense of success or failure: our teacher giving us grade to supposedly help us reach our best potential but in fact teach us limits based on third party point of view (many well known genius did very poorly at school), our parents trying their best will remind us of stories about friend or family member having a great (financial) life because of their supposed success within a specific system.

At no time we are asked to reflect on our action to weight the emotional pleasure they are bringing us. Our limitation are only in our mind and should you modify your thought process you could only meet with success if that was of your wanting. To achieve this you will simply have to reprogram your though and emotion response.

Whatever the mind can conceive you must achieve. Without this type of attitude no invention would have come to life and we would still be in a pretty primitive stage as far as technology. You now need to imagine more than ever and stop to plan your future based on your past belief or even experiences. The world, your world is waiting for you to become whatever you may create in your subconscious mind, start to feel successful today and plan already like if no obstacle existed, no one has come to success by only studying failure, you must become a creator of your own experience moving forward and refusing to acknowledge other people reality. Many scientists or famous business men were born without resource and didn’t have scholar to impress other, they had most importantly in themselves a drive to reach what was supposed to be their and when meeting with failure they didn’t lose the sight of their goal aiming more precisely toward something they knew was waiting for them.

Take the time to imagine whatever you want and create plan to get there. Talk with people who can help you by supporting you morally or by other means and avoid the ones who judge or criticize as they will only bring doubt and fear. In some case you will not find anyone around you to share your enthusiasm but this should not stop you to enjoy in advance the perfection of your realization. When your dream will become true, all will agree with you but in the time it take to arrive, you have to keep your eye on the prize. Winner don’t quit and quitter don’t win. You were born as a creator and with the unlimited possibility of your mind, play in your head the story you want to live and watch it uncover itself in front of you. There is no mistake and no regret will ever make you happy today or tomorrow so start to built in you the tomorrow that you desire, eliminate your limitations by remembering that you are the solution of all your problems: there is no problem you just think that they exist and if you do not believe in them they will by themselves disappear like a bad dream in the morning.

Illustration by Andantonius

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