Concrete Shell VS Designer unit

Buyers in the market for a luxury high rise are confronted with two choices which seem very easy but in reality are very complex to compare and analyze.

Your choice

One is the so called “Decorator ready” nice term for a concrete shell with nothing else than bare cement. At this stage you should know the difficulty of the endeavor you have in front of you. A general contractor will be needed and the hire of a professional decorator will most likely be a good decision, all of this will represent a lot of time involved in your part, a very costly project and you will still have to wait to enjoy your property. Most design firms are very reluctant to give you a preset price for the work and I often saw budget been double before completion.

A "Decorator ready" living
A luxury “Decorator ready” condo

Let’s look at the other option now that you start to feel the stress involving the creation of your decorator ready unit, buying a finish product means that you can enjoy it just after the closing, it also means that you have now the benefit of someone else work and expenses for a fraction of what it cost. The value of the luxury unit went down almost 50 % in some building so imagine that you could get a finished condo for less than what they were selling at pre-construction price. A large number of my clients come from the North part of the US, Canada, Europe and recently South America, most of the ones who are buying today are active business people wanting to enjoy life and their limited time off, they are not really looking at months of stressful design and work for a condo decorating as reward but more like a problem they can easily avoid.

A luxury decorated condo

Now it all depend of you: are you more the kind of person looking at enjoying the performance of your sport car today or more  the type who prefer to build a collectible showroom ready master peace no matter time and money?

An example of a finished condo at Aquazul building (Lauderdale by the sea)


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