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With tumultuous past and violent history Colombia was for a while a place many tourists were avoiding. Time are different now. The government has put in place everything they could do to make your stay the most relax and safe possible. With this new attitude you will experience a country full of charming towns and  incredible beaches, no matter what your style is you will find what you need in Colombia.


I recommend Bogota for a few days and then head down the coast and discover Cartagena. If precious gems are your kind of shopping you will have plenty of choice to buy beautiful agate for the fraction of the US price. If a more adventurous journey is for you, drive across the green mountain and trek in the beautiful Guatape, rent a boat there and for hours follow the course of the sun between the hundred of islands.


The people during my trip there was extremely welcoming , I didn’t experience any type of situation the month I took driving around. The food is simple and delicious, the price of accommodation is very reasonable and if you can drive in mountain, the road condition were similar to the US. From Miami you can sometime fly round trip for less than $150 , less than what you will spend in gas for most of your weekend trip. Just go there, try it even if its only for few days.

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  1. Debo reconocer que he leído con atención este último
    post ya que es una cosa que busqué en google pero
    hasta ahora no conseguía encontrar lo que necesitaba.

    Muchas gracias

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