Lauderdale by the Sea

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This charming little city with its 1.5 square miles in area is strategically nested between the Intercoastal and the ocean, with a nice mix of smaller beach cottages, large upscale waterfront homes and boutique condominium. The beauty of this town come from the feeling like you are still in vacation, everything is just minutes away from where you are living and having your breakfast, lunch or dinner on the beach is only part of your normal day-to-day routine.
The canal give you the best dockage for any size of boat you may want to have and within minutes you will access a large inlet, giving you the start for a perfect fishing or scuba diving trip. If the sand is more your style, colorful benches are everywhere marking the entrance to our gold coast play ground, all ages welcome.
I recommend strolling up and down the street in the afternoon, sampling the small shops and ice cream parlors, come back at night and during the weekend: live music and festivities are here to greet you.

Living in vacation it’s what Lauderdale by the Sea is all about.

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