How it all Started

Friends , family and just plain curious individuals asked me how do I started my trips around the globe and how to get organized. So here it goes :

First steps

  1. Pick where you want to go (country or continent).
  2. Go online and start to build a list of what you would like to see, visit and experience.
  3. Buy a fairly detailed map and highlight the places you will want to visit.
  4. Choose a mod of transportation available in the country or bring yours (we will talk about this option later on).
  5. Do some research on the best season to visit.
  6. Do some research on accommodations prices and ease of finding them or get your camping gear ready.
  7. Do some research on the visa that maybe needed.
  8. Check the price of the flights and establish a budget for food , activities and get an idea of how long you want to stay there.
  9. Make up your mind , are you going or what ?!
  10. Establish a complete budget including everything you needs or wants (specific gear for your trip, guide….).

So you’re decided to go? Then you can go to the next page to have some more details.

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