Don’t Live with Depression

It seems like more and more people are accepting to live with depression as a habit. It is crucial to remember that we are born and modeled to be happy by nature, unhappiness should be unacceptable, at least for a long state of mind. Working with many different type of  therapy for my clients, I often notice the acceptance of this daily sadness that they were carrying often for years. Most of the time, the confidence and believe in even just the right to be happy was a foreign and uncomfortable feeling, something we all talked about but not really believe in “enjoy while it last”.  Louise Hay in most of her published work direct us toward acceptance of loving ourself, embracing the good that is made for us and forgiving self and others. Her work as changed the life of hundreds of thousand people, the simplicity of her writing have given access to her knowledge and the examples given are easy to follow.

Depression as many origins, sometime purely chemical or physic but mostly emotional. Changing our perspective or just looking for a new direction is maybe enough for most but help is here and now with tons of professionals and dedicated organizations supporting you in your moment of doubt. As a licensed NLP and licensed professional Hypnotist I had my own doubt about the success I could have with depression, I was and I am still surprised how well my clientele respond to my techniques, with only few appointments and maybe a little behavioral work they were now changing their thoughts, their feelings, leaving behind the depression.

So now remember that you should not live with depression, just the fact to believe that you can change how you feel for a better state is a great step toward happiness.

If you need addresses of where to go get help or just the name of some good books feel free to email me anytime.

Illustration by Vladimir Kush

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