Galapagos for the Novice

You don’t need to be a fan of Darwin to be interested by the Galapagos. The group of islands is well known for its natural beauty and if a close encounter with wild life is one of your dream this is it. You could very well take a cruise on a large boat and do some visits in a pure luxury setting of your floating resort but I will not recommend it.

The larger the boat the less private will be your experience, I visited the Galapagos few times and can tell you that the smaller the boat the better it is. There are plenty of very nice ships taking up to 18 travelers in great comfort, you will love to do not rush when boarding to and from the island and soon you will be making friend with your fellow mates.

Most of the Island will be visited by land so bring a comfortable pair of shoes or sandal type as some of the landing will be “wet landing” (you will walk in knee deep water to get to the beach). I recommend studying when you decide to come, if lucky you will pick the time of the year when birds nest and sea lion are having their babies, be ready for thousand of incredible pictures.

If interested in snorkeling you will be given the opportunity to do so with the sea lion, I guaranty you will be smiling under water, for the more intrepid and qualified diver, the island of Darwin  have their famous school of hammer head sharks waiting for you.

No matter what you will be choosing the natural almost untouched beauty of the Galapagos will not disappoint you. Most of us fly to Quito capital of Ecuador first for a few days and then take another plane flying to the largest island to start their odyssey.


More photos of the Galapagos here and here

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