Rio Vista – Southern Comfort Preserved

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Stock in time, surrounded by beauty and art mixed in perfect harmony as a symbol of what was the south of the 1920’s. The tranquil streets of Rio Vista harbor centennial trees under which many lives were enjoyed by locals and lucky visitors. If a garden opens their harms to you for a moment you will forget that you are in the heart of Fort Lauderdale just minutes of a fast life and a busy Ocean.

Many of the homes build in the beginning of the century are still in condition close to original, like old painting they sit in the most beautiful tropical landscape that Florida have to offer, the newer constructions still respect the architecture of the area and even if they are not always the most discreet the charm is never broken.

Certain addresses have their name engraved by famous owners but it is the spirit of the ones which now reside there and protect this very special place that the magic is confine. Ask them why they live here and look at them smiling. Take some time and discover even for an afternoon a little piece of the south.

Some are born out law...

Some are born out law…

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